RUN TIME is an interactive installation that we made for Solana's Breakpoint event of 2021 in Lisbon. It represented the latest transactions of and people could move them around and play with them, on the main wall, altering the blockchain.
Touchdesigner was used to find the four players by the Kinect v2, and convert them to OSC data, more comfortable to be elaborated after by Notch.
With a JS .exe file, the installation was able to read a .csv with all the updated latest transactions data, taked from; to showing them by particles system as a text source.
With Notch I made a complex particles system that mixed 2D particles, texts, cloner and 3D geometry; for the interaction part, some vortex and effectors activated when the Kinect found a hand of the player, so the people were able to play and move the particles and the transaction around the blockchain.
The stand-alone application was compiled to run in background and send the video signal, with NDI, to Resolume Arena media-server, who has split it to the pixelmap, has manage the sound design and added the graphics on the ledwall at the entrance.

Studio: ROOF Videodesign

Concept: Mikkel Garro Martinsen, Fausto Fasan, Lorenzo Venturini, Ryan Shea, Ross Cohen
Research: Fausto Fasan
JavaScript Developer: Luca Corsetti
TouchDesigner Developer: Brenton March
Notch Designer: Lorenzo Venturini
Sound Designer: Mikkel Garro Martinsen

Service: FADUS - High End Event Design
Media-server Operator: Mikkel Garro Martinsen

Client: Solana
Event: Breakpoint 
Location: LX Factory - R. Rodrigues de Faria 103, 1300-501 Lisboa, Portugal
Date: November 2021
A special thanks to Brenton March (Ctrld Chaos) who help me with a really useful application, made with Touchdesigner, to convert the four players, found by the Kinect, to OSC data.

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