A fantasy and alien world defined the environmental style of Outland, as the public passed by, alien avatars were generated, composed of elements that recalled the elemental background. Different Seasons defined the various moments of the interactive installation, all with a unique style and always different generative characters. The whole thing was composited by a real-time layer generated in Notch and the pre-rendered backgrounds.

The character tracking was entirely managed by depth sensors that obtained the skeleton in real-time, to which were added parameters that varied based on the speed of the movements and the distance.
Different variants of the Avatars were designed for each Season, each of which took elements and lights from the background with various interactive elements. All possible systems were used, from the generation of procedural blobs to particles to simulate waves of light, clones to emanate petals, and the deformations of the video content that defined the backgrounds.

In the initial phase, some environmental background elements that interacted with the passage of the avatar were also designed, but these were discarded during the composition of the final project.

Once built, the immersive room featured a long projected wall, alternating with some sensors scattered around the wall, to create a continuous interactive area capable of covering the entire space.

Location: AYA Universe
Creative Studio: Private
Notch Designer: Lorenzo Venturini
Media Server: Pandora's Box
Sensor: ZED Cam
Software: Notch Builder

Client: Private
Locations: Dubai (UAE)
Date: November - December 2022

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