For the Breakpoint project we created this data visualization that showed viewers the transactions that occurred in real time on The data was then inserted into a three-dimensional context, represented by this enormous flow of particles, with evolutions and changes in speed. Everything was projected during the BREAKPOINT event, between one interlude and another, in the main room which hosted the guests of the largest and most important Solana conference.
Development tests
Various proposals were created, in the end, due to the complexity of the projection surface, a more minimalist and clear approach was opted for, in order to make the data the true protagonists of the scene.
Studio: ROOF Videodesign
Concept: Mikkel Garro Martinsen, Fausto Fasan, Lorenzo Venturini, Ross Cohen
JavaScript Developer: Luca Corsetti
Notch Designer: Lorenzo Venturini
Software: Notch Builder

Client: Solana
Event: Breakpoint
Location: Pavilhão Carlos Lopes - Lisbon, Portugal
Date: November 2022

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