Annalisa Milano FORUM
UNOLAB Design Studio recently worked with Show and Production Designer Jacopo Ricci and Notch Designer Lorenzo Venturini to create a visual representation of Annalisa’s artistic evolution for her recent performance at Forum di Milano. 

The team aimed to evoke the ups and downs that have marked Annalisa’s career through joy, disappointment, and the shades of melancholy in between.


Notch Showcase: Annalisa at Forum di Milano

Nike Air Max Day
In 2022, Fix8Group commissioned Notch Designer Lorenzo Venturini to create an interactive installation for Nike’s Air Max Day at Dubai Mall. 
For Interactive Waveform, Fix8Group asked the artist to integrate the prestigious Nike brand into a visual representation of spectator-driven spheres on a table controller at the centre of the exhibition space, the result of which would be a generated visual and musical mix unique to each interaction.


Notch Showcase: Nike Air Max Day – Interactive Waveform

Vasco Rossi’s Stadium Tour
Italian Rockstar Vasco Rossi’s highly anticipated world tour, Vasco Live, Roma Circo Massimo XXII, needed a unique look for 29 distinct visual chapters of the show. 
As a Notch designer, I can say that disguise is the best and most compatible choice for our creative workflow. Their cutting-edge technology, ease of use, and flexibility of their products allowed us to express our creativity at the highest level, achieving extraordinary results.


Disguise News: disguise powers real-time effects for Italian rockstar Vasco Rossi's tour

Vasco Rossi’s Stadium Tour
Some of Italy’s best studios, designers, and technicians impressed and immersed attendees of resident pop-rock poet Vasco Rossi’s latest stadium tour.
Vasco Rossi’s official director, Pepsy Romanoff of Except, developed a plan for the artist’s latest tour with Milan’s Chunk Studio and Notch Designer Lorenzo Venturini. The director, motion designers, and technicians involved worked closely to create a unique and engaging experience for an audience with high expectations.


Notch Showcase: Vasco Rossi’s Stadium Tour

Scorpions’ Rock Believer World Tour
Manipulating light and sound to paint a surging stage, ROOF Videodesign crafted a fresh, audio-reactive show for Scorpions’ latest tour.
About a year ago, Lighting Designer Manfred Nikitser contacted ROOF Videodesign with a request to develop real-time visuals in Notch for hard-rock idols Scorpions’ Rock Believer World Tour. Nikitser, who’s spent years touring with the band, knew exactly what they’d want.

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Notch Showcase: Scorpions’ Rock Believer World Tour

RUN TIME is an interactive installation made on behalf of Solana‘s Breakpoint event of 2021 in Lisbon. The goal to make data understandable was achieved through interactivity.
Notch artist Lorenzo Venturini created the piece RUN TIME, an interactive display of financial statistics, allowing guests to better understand and visualise the data through physically viewing and playing with them.

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Notch Showcase: Solana BREAKPOINT

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