Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, now I'm a Notch Designer freelancer based in Milan. 

I combine creativity and technologies to make real-time content for live broadcasts, events, VJ sets, video mapping and Xr productions. I also sell notch assets, templates and IMAGs in stock on my Gumroad store.

Software skillset: Notch Builder, Disguise, Resolume Arena, Touchdesigner, Blender, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, OBS, Ableton Live.
I also have knowledge of how the main media servers work with Notch like Disguise, Hippotizer, LightAct, Touchdesigner, Smode, Avolite, Pixera and Vertex.
Favourite Tools
Clients & Collaborations
Creative Studios & Companies
ROOF Videodesign, Punkomat Project, Studio BK, Chuck Studio, The Unlimited Dream Company, REEF Studios, Vivo Concerti, Manfred Nikitser Show Lightning, Except, Fix8Group, RM Multimedia, Solana, Next Show, MeNext, Music Hackspace, New Light, SUGO Design, Kraftwerk Experiential Design.‎

Artists & Brands
Coez, Thegiornalisti, Maneskin, JoyCut, Irama, Benji & Fede, Salmo, Scorpions, Vasco Rossi, Morat, Ultimo, ThaSup, Armani, Diesel, Coop, RIOT Games, Nike, MSC Crociere, Machete Empire, RedBull, Orkhan Mammadov, Lazza, Ferrari, Baby K.
2023: Revival of Aesthetics at Kanvas, Solana Hacker House World Tour 23, LAZZA OUVER-TOUR, Festival Estéreo Picnic, Baby K Donne Sulla Luna Tour, VASCO LIVE.
2022: AYA Dubai, Dubai Nike Air Max Day, Morat World Tour, Passion 21 Füssen, RedBull64 Bars Live, Riot Games Party, Salmo San Siro Stadium, Salmo FLOP Tour, Solana Hacker House World Tour 22, Solana Breakpoint, Scorpions Rock Believer World Tour, RIOT Games Party, Thasup - c@ra++ere s?ec!@ale Live, Ultimo Negli Stadi, Vasco Rossi LIVE.
2021: Benji & Fede All’Arena di Verona, Solana Breakpoint, COOP Streaming Meeting, Disco Diva x Gucci, Notch Meetup Music Hackspace, Passion 21 Füssen, roBOX21 RoBot Festival, Water World Music Festival.
2020: Giorgio Armani s.s. 2021, Ereditá Delle Donne, Irama Fabrique Album Reveal, JOYCUT 1+1, JOYCUT Unconventional Paths, Planning Xr Virtual Studio.
2019: COEZ È Sempre Bello in Tour, MANESKIN Il Ballo Della Vita Tour, Thegiornalisti LOVE Tour, Club to Club Festival.
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