The development of the project followed an initial phase of Research and Development, subsequently, the show was put on the timeline during Pre-Production, then with a few days of On-Site set-up, and finally with the show at the Royal Opera House.
The first phase of research and development served to propose different forms of sound-reactive graphics, based on external audio and developed around 3D objects. Various experiments based on particles, fluids, lighting and procedural systems were carried out.
The multiple experiments served to create different proposals for deformations and real-time management of the theatre's arches, animated according to sound-reactive input.
After having produced some concept development projects we spent several days in a service that provided us with a room entirely set up for the pre-production of the show. We had the disguise media server and all the network connections necessary to edit the Notch blocks in real time. Here we retouched and adapted the visuals to the scenes and prepared the different timelines of the show, this allowed us to digitally pre-visualize the entire show inserted inside the stage and theater in 3D.
After the pre-production, a few days of preparation followed at the Royal Opera House in London, where a wooden scenography was set up which framed a small LED wall on the stage. The visuals were mapped and projected onto the scenography from various projectors scattered throughout the theatre.
Some visuals were also modified and produced directly on site and added to the show previously built on Disguise.
Finally, the reactive and real-time sound content was composited with the pre-rendered graphics and divided into the various chapters of the show. Classical dancers and musicians alternated on stage, accompanied by the orchestra, who marked the various moments of the dinner, concluding with the presentation of the new jewelry collection proposed by the client.
Show Director: William Tuckett
Video Creative Direction: Nina Dunn
Video Art Director: Yaara Bar
2D Animator: Libby Ward
3D Animators: Will Jarman

Notch Designer: Lorenzo Venturini
Disguise Programmer: Harrison Cooke
Disguise Programmers: Luigi Sardi and Lauren Kunicki
Lighting Director: Peter Small
Set Designer: Justin Nardella 

Software: Notch Builder, Disguise

Client: Private
Event: Christmas Dinner at Royal Opera House
Locations: London (UK)
Date: November 2022

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