I was called by Punkomat Project studio to make some IMAGs for the concert of Salmo at the Water World Music Festival, a live show all made on water, where spectators were on boats and rubber dinghy. For this show, I produced around 20 IMAGs, because we had to cover all the events. The first on stage was Mamacita, after they, Dj 2P, Bob Sinclar and, in the end, the main guest Salmo!
For this show we have done a strange setup, because we have used Notch and Touchdesigner to make IMAGs at the same time, and the media server operator has mixed them together with Resolume Arena, so something like DJ style. 
*This project document only my work produced with Notch, there was a lot of other visuals content made by the Touchdesigner's and Resolume's operators. 
**All camera footage is property of Amazon Italia, this video is for documentary and non-commercial purposes.
This making-of video resumes some backstage situation of this event, I was a very particular work because all things were made on water,  with all the problems and difficulties that follow.
From this event, Amazon made a documentary that resumes all the preparation and the production of this event and the new album of Salmo. You can watch this on Amazon Prime Video.
90 Minuti di Applausi
Russel Crow
Stai Zitto
La Prima Vota
Mic Check (feat Noyz Narcos)
Killer Game
The Island
È sempre bello (Coez)
Venice Beach
Machete Satellite
Ho Paura di Uscire
Dj Set
Artists: Mamacita, Dj 2P, Bob Sinclar, Salmo, Noyz Narcos, Coez, Lazza, Hell Raton

Concept: Lorenzo Venturini, Michele Di Pasquale, Punkomat Project
Notch Designer: Lorenzo Venturini
Touchdesigner Operator: Michele Di Pasquale
Media Server Operators: Federico Piva
Visuals: Federico Piva  
Studio: Punkomat Project
Service: Radio Sata 
Cameras: Amazon

Software: Notch Builder, Touchdesigner, Resolume Arena  
Hardware: Radio Sata's Workstation with RTX 3090 GPU

Location: Marina Cala dei Sardi - Olbia (IT) 
Date: July 2021

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