Within the project for the band "Morat," carried out during the 2022 world tour, I focused on creating real-time Notch effects for the cameras used during the performances. The implementation was specifically tailored for the Avolite media server, ensuring optimal management of the effects in sync with the live performances.

The tour spanned various locations in South America and concluded in Europe, providing the opportunity to meet the band. During this meeting, we had the chance to experience the live show and get to know the entire technical team that contributed to the realization of this spectacle.

The synergy between the Notch effects, visuals, and lights, managed by Light Designer Juan Camilo Triana and guided by Juan's expertise, played a fundamental role in shaping the visual aesthetics of the "Morat" tour, offering the audience an immersive and innovative visual experience.
The 2022 tour included dates all over the world, starting from South America and ending in Europe, where we had the opportunity to meet the team and see the show live.
Artist: Morat
Tour: Morat World Tour 2022
Concept: ROOF Videodesgin
Notch Designer: Lorenzo Venturini
Media Server: Avolites 
Media Server Operator: Juan Camilo Triana
Light Designer: Juan Camilo Triana
Software: Notch Builder

Location: WiZink Center - Madrid (ES)
Date: 11/09/2022
PH Project Cover: Sebastian Encalada

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