We made some IMAGs for the last concert of Benji & Fede in Verona, in this time I've used a lot the new Nvidia Virtual Background node to cut out the singers in their visuals and to do more clear effects. The concert has been at the Arena of Verona in July 2021. The patches were running in my Razer Blade laptop with an external RTX 2080 Super GPU, directly in the media server with Resolume Arena, and changes and evolutions were made with my Launch Controll XL midi controller. Most songs of the concerts were made mixing Notch IMAGs, clear cameras and visuals, all managed by Resolume Arena, as well as the led wall pixelmap.
IMAG 1 - Adrenalina
IMAG 2 - Forme Geometriche
IMAG 3 - Good Vibes
IMAG 4 - Universale
IMAG 5 - Magnifico Difetto
IMAG 6 - Sale
IMAG 7 - Tra lo Stomaco e lo Sterno
Concept: Lorenzo Venturini, Mikkel Garro Martinsen 
Notch Designer: Lorenzo Venturini
Media Server Operators: Mikkel Garro Martinsen, Paolo Quintozzi 
Visuals: Mikkel Garro Martinsen 
Video technician: Paolo Quintozzi 
Studio: ROOF Videodesign 
Service: STS 

Software: Notch Builder PRO, Resolume Arena, After Effects 
Hardware: Razer Blade + RTX 2080 Super (eGpu), Resolume Arena Media Server 

Client: Vivo Concerti 
Location: Arena di Verona 
Date: July 2021

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